Friday, October 27, 2017

UK: Vicar bans hymn from service because people at the service might not be Christian.

(Oadby) Every year on the Sunday nearest Remembrance Sunday .(Nov 11) The country falls silent in which to remember the people who have paid the ultimate price to safeguard our freedoms.   Churches for once are usually full to the brim, with many more people standing outside in the cold.

Yet for Steve Bailey the new vicar of St Peter’s Church in the town of Oadby, singing a religious song is out of the question and so he has banned the Hymn;
Onward Christian soldiers’ 
from his Remembrance Sunday service in case it offends anybody inside the church who isn’t a Christian.  Well, I have attended a large number of Church services, including a lot of Remembrance day one and what I have noticed is that not a lot of non-Christians attend and I suppose that those that do, won’t be offended on hearing a Christian hymn inside a Christian church.

Just what is it about white liberals and hating what they see in the mirror.?