Thursday, October 26, 2017

UK: Couple found guilty of helping to prepare for a terrorist knife attack .

(Birmingham)  In the Uk the other half of a loving couple has been guilty of preparing to carry out a knife attack against a hit list of target simply because they weren't..Muslim. Ummariyat Mirza, and Madhiha Taheer  his wife competed amongst themselves over who loved jihad the most are both facing life in jail after he promised her he would murder people on their wedding day.

He has pleaded guilty to researching and plotting a terrorist attack using a hunting knife after drawing up a 'hit-list' of who they hated the most. She , also faces life in jail after she was found guilty at Woolwich Crown Court of one count of preparation to commit acts of terrorism.

The court heard how they sent messages to each other in which to keep their passion for death alive:
  • “Can we get married already ffs [for f**k's sake] I want u to kill ppl for me, I have a list.”
  • 'The day of nikkah [wedding], I'll kill em all. Give me the list, the only thing that stops me is we are not married. I will defo, I'm not joking.'
  • 'Lool [laugh out loud], u can't have it til u put a ring on it.'
  • "I'm more radical than u, I took u in. I introduced u to dawla and Twitter and jihad. Ur my student."

The couple went to a lot of time and effort in buying knives and  self-defence dummies in which to practice for their wedding day, where they intended to go out with a bang. Unfortunately for this loved up couple, they were arrested a week after  Khalid Masood decided to murder 5 people outside parliament in London in March.

The kinky inbred bastards also brought in his sister ‘Zainab Mirza,’  in which to help them get their kicks.  However all 3 will now have to find a different kind of love whilst in the prison shower with people of their own gender after they get sentenced next week.