Friday, October 20, 2017

UK: Liberals up in arms over Trumps claim that Muslims are behind the rise in crime in the UK.

(London) Yesterday British crimes figures were released for 2016 and they showed a 35% rise in violent crime.  President Trump tweeted on this and just like when he did so about Sweden, the liberal world has  gone into overdrive in trying to claim he is wrong. Really:

All of the above are stories not more than a couple of days old and help explain why Muslims who represent around 3% of the British population account for around 17% of the Prison population. And just to substantiate the above here are a few more Islamic crooks and thugs from the UK these past few days to have hit the news:

So President Trump wasn't wrong by pointing the finger at Muslims living in the Uk for the increase in crime. Yet to the liberals, this is a lie. Really as the facts state otherwise.