Saturday, April 2, 2016

US; Black lives matter, but only if the shooter is a white Police officer.

(Georgia)  As a child I watched the film "In the Heat of the Night" which laid bare for all to see the intolerance, bigot and racism that black people faced in the southern states of the United States. 

As a rule, the lot of Black people has got much better since 1967, in fact I'd say a lot better. However acts of racism still exist, yet if I was to listen only to the 'Black lives matter' crowd, I'd walk away thinking that life in the US. is worse than that depicted above by Sidney Poitier. (If you have 9 mins, well worth watching) But the truth be told that actually more blacks die at the hands of their fellow blacks than anything else and I hear very little about that, but when a Police officer takes down somebody up to no good,  why then its a human rights crime. Case to note.

20 year old Craigory Burch Jr won the lottery last Novermber. On the evening of Jan 20th 2016. 3 masked and armed men invaded the house he shared with his Girlfriend and 3 children and demanded  money.  Burch begged the suspects not to shoot and offered to give them his wallet and bank card. he said, 'Don't do it bro. Don't do it in front of my kids,'"  But shoot they did and they left the house with nothing., other than taking an innocent life.

Today the Police have charge several people with Burches murder. All 7 are black, and I have yet to see one nationwide protest regards this murder in the name of ‘Black lives matter.’

Rosalyn Swain, 22, Earnest Holcomb, 27, Wayan Jordon, 17, Anjavell Johnson, 21, Dabrentise Overstreet, 19, and Keyana Dyous, 24
The only thing I can see is that Black lives only matter , when the person shot is up to no good and the shooter is a white policeman.  If the Black community (At a stroke you expose the self-imposed division by having a separate black community) wants to be treated fairly, then they have to treat all crime the same.