Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Swiss School allows Islamic boys to not shake hands with female teachers.

(Therwil) As a child growing up, I was taught by my Mother, that nobody was better than me and that, I was better than nobody else. It’s an adage, I’ve subscribed to ever since. Probably, why I get on with nearly everybody I meet. It costs nothing to be nice.

For years now, minorities have demanded for the right to be treated the same as everybody else, the thing is , in this day and age, where equality is written into law, we now find that certain people are demanding for the right to be…different.

In Switzerland , a school has afforded the right to a couple of young Islamic boys the right not to shake hands with female teachers, because according to their religion, they are forbidden not to touch females who are not family. Well, that decision hasn’t gone well with the vast majority of the country , who quite rightly expressed their displeasure. Felix Mueri, the head of the Swiss parliament's education commission, said the decision sent out the wrong message. "Today's it's the handshake and what will it be tomorrow?"

Islamic groups also disagreed with the school's response. The Swiss Federation of Islamic Organisations  has pointed out that there is no reference in the Koran that justifies a refusal to shake a woman teacher's hand. They also urged the Swiss not to give in to extremist demands.
In giving in to the demands of a select few, this school, washes away all the hard work undertaken by others in which to afford females equality of the sexes.  The irony here is, the people who afford extra rights to minorities in the West, are usually champions of Human rights, yet in allowing others to be different , they not only set back human rights, but they trample over people (In this case women) in which to be seen as politically correct.