Friday, April 8, 2016

How Do-gooders have ruined the world.

(Europe) everywhere you go in the west, there is an ethical latte drinker who will scream and shout at you in which to try and bully you into subscribing to their very polarized train of thought. Just look at Israel, you know, I'll put my hand up and say it isn't the best country in the world, but you what after facing what it has faced from its Islamic neighbours since the very day it was born (and before) its a lot better (In regards to human rights) than any other nation in the region. In fact I'd say that Israel is a lot better than a large number of so called Western nations. But hey how many times have you seen a foaming at the mouth so called human rights activist demanding that Israel be sent the way of the dodo, and quite naturally the intolerant neighbours who all claim to subscribe to a religion of peace, love to play the victim in which to garner the support of their acolytes.

The UK hands over more aid to the Syrian situation than the rest of the EU combined. Yet, to the do-gooders that isn't enough and they demand that the UK does even more, err hello, why aren't you asking other countries, they point at Germany and Sweden who have opened their doors (And we can see just how well that went on New Years day) and whilst ignoring what happens when you open your doors and say come in, they play the racist bigots that we are in not taking our fair share. Which brings me back to Germany and Sweden. Due to them opening their doors and allowing millions in-No passports needed- every man and his dog who can walk has decided that Europe is the place to go. Well instead of just shutting that door, Europe has drawn out a deal with turkey where we pay them billions to take back any non Syrian refugees and Europe will take a Syrian out of their country. Well it appears that Afghan economic migrants have stated that they will kill themselves on mass if they are deported from Europe.
Souaob Nouri from Kabul, who is held in the high-security camp in Chios, said: “If they deport us, we will kill ourselves. We will not go back.” A man next to him warned of “terrible scenes” if Greek authorities insisted on pursuing policies that have already caused alarm among human rights groups.
This people is what happens when do-gooders are allowed to bypass common sense. You know my answer to the problem