Saturday, April 2, 2016

UK: British Muslim found guilty of planning terrorist attack on US troops.

(London) 25 year old Junead Khan worked as a delivery driver for Alliance Healthcare (A UK chemist) He found to his horror that he actually had to drive past US bases in the UK and so offended was he by having to endure this affront to his honour. He got in contact with a friend of his, who had upped sticks and buggered off to fight for Allah in Syria for advice and he sent him plans to build a pressure cooker bomb and then in conjunction with his 23 year old uncle Shazib Khan,(Whom I can only presume was his brother, father and mother too) he planned to fake a traffic incident outside a base, then in the confusion that followed behead an American soldier, the bomb was there to target the first responders .

Junead Khan (left) and his uncle Shazib Khan.
Well, thankfully this village idiot was arrested before he got to utter ‘Allah ackba’ and today he and his uncle were found guilty and will be sentenced on a later date to bending over in the Prison showers and getting to utter ‘Allah ackba’ as his Mullah unzips his sermon. (Usually along the lines of “This is going to hurt me , more than it is going to hurt you”)

Oh and that contact in Syria? Why Junaid Hussain got to meet a Hellfire missile a few weeks after the authorities arrested Khan.