Wednesday, April 20, 2016

French students show solidarity for oppressed women by holding....Hijab day

(Paris) You've got to laugh, millions of women around the world are forced by religious bigots to cover up or else. Only the other day I reported that Iran has recruited 700 spooks alone in the city of Tehran to report on women not wearing the hijab properly. (Iran women tend to wear their hijabs a little back thus showing off the top of the head and a few inches of hair as a sign of protest)

Bad Hijab being told off by the Iranian morality police

In the West Islamic women get away with covering up for Allah by claiming it is written into their faith to do so. Err actually it isn’t. It’s a political statement enforced onto women by men in which to control them. Which combined with FGM, Honour killings and doing as the man says, tells me all I want to know about equality for women under Islam.

Yet, to French students, covering up for Allah, is a basic right and in order to show their solidarity for the oppressed Muslim women in the west, (from Western democracy)  they have decided to hold a Hijab day where you can go along and wear a Hijab and get to feel the hatred expressed onto Islamic women by non-Muslims.  

What these young idiots don't understand, is that Islam is all about face (Hence why honour is central to the Islamic way of life) and once you allow religious bigots to get their way in making women subservient to men by covering up, you open the door to FGM, Honour killings, a lack of equality) and from there it is only a small step to intolerance towards non-Muslims, which kind of explains why Europe has sent so many idiots to fight for ISIS these past few years.

The students at the Sciences Po University in Paris feel they are doing something for equality and human rights , they couldn't be further from the truth.