Thursday, April 28, 2016

Politically correct stupidity in the UK

(England) Market Raisen can be found deep in the middle of Lincolnshire. It is farming country and as such still has a population which is 97% white. However to the politically correct thought police in the Uk, that is a crime and why the PC Tsars have downgraded a Nursery School in the town for being...too white.  Yes to these political zealots , the fact the nursery doesn't have coloured children and doesn't teach children about non-whites is a racist hate crime.

I wonder how these racist bigots would feel if people started teaching children that Muslims rape little girls, love to behead their captives, how not one Islamic country in the world affords equality to women, how they throw gays off buildings . Something tells me they wouldn't be impressed, might explain why they remained silent on Islamic rape gangs in the UK for over 10 years.

Meanwhile in Luton (131 miles away) a Islamic school has just been found guilty of segregating teachers on their genders. ah, the wonders of the so called peaceful religion of Islam. Sanctioned by the Ethical latte brigade.