Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The hypocrisy of mainstream Islam in the UK

(Scotland) Muslims living in the West, love to crow about that so called fake word 'Islamophobia' every chance they get, oh if only the people in the west would treat Muslims as human beings. Funny how they never seem to mention exactly how they treat others who don't have the same DNA as them. The other month I reported how an Ahmadi Muslim-Asad Shah-was murdered by a Sunni-Main stream –Muslim for wishing his Christian neighbours a happy Easter.

You see to the biggest block of Muslims (those who keep on shouting out that they are a religion of peace) Ahmadi  Muslims are not seen as Muslims and across the Islamic world they are killed for the sin of calling themselves...Muslims.

Well today Ahmadi Muslims in Scotland launched an anti-extremism campaign following the murder of the Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah and guess what, the two biggest Islamic (Sunni) orgs in Scotland refused to send anybody along. Yup can’t be seen complaining about the murder of a socalled non-Muslim can they.

That in a nutshell crystallises the intolerance, bigotry ,racism and hypocrisy of Sunni Islam in the Uk. Yet to the left and Sunni Muslims they and not the people they oppress are the real victims.