Thursday, April 21, 2016

7 years after Obama cut the F22, Congress looks at buying 194 more

(Washington) Without a doubt the F22 Raptor is the most lethal fighter aircraft in the world. The fact it has been in service for over 11 years, whilst everybody else is still playing catch up with planes that aren't near as good, shows just how good the US is at building things.
But in 2009 President Obama ended the production of the F22 at 187 aircraft,  a huge blow to the USAF which had planned for over 700 F22 to defend the US. On getting his way President Obama stated:
"That any money spent on the fighter was an “inexcusable waste”
Well, guess what, that cut was based on the presumption that nobody else would be able to build a stealth aircraft for at least 20 years and here we are just 7 years down the line with 2 nations on the verge of fielding 3 stealth aircraft (Russia 1, China 2) 2 others (Japan and Korea) have started looking at building them and you can see that the technical edge that the US used to have over everybody else is being eroded.
Russian T50
Chinese J20
Chinese J31

Which is why Congress has asked the US airforce to come up with the costs to build an additional 194 in which to counter the growing belligerent nature of Russia and China towards the US and their penchant for selling the latest military hardware to the despots of this world simply in which to make life harder for the rest of the world.

It seems that whenever Democrats get in power in their attempt to be nice to all the worlds despots, they forget that to these people, being nice is always seen as being weak.