Monday, April 18, 2016

Nigeria: Boko Haram attack Army convoy.

(MAIDUGURI) After suffering numerous set backs, including losing all of its self proclaimed emirate the Nigerian Terrorist outfit 'Boko Haram' still has the teeth in which to strike back at the forces which have cost it so much. However unlike the past where it would attack on mass, now it carries out pin prick attacks designed more to try and keep its name in the headlines than an attempt in which to re-carve a new Islamic empire. So today elements of 113 Battalion on route to the town of Damasak found themselves under attack. 

The area was taken back by the self styled protectors of Islam (Who for some very strange reason operate in.....Sharia run Islamic areas of Nigeria) last year. The problem for Boko Haram, is the Nigerian military is a lot stronger, more committed and has the toys in which to take the fight to these Islamic zealots.