Thursday, April 14, 2016

Iran: Shows off its hidden underground missile network

(Tehran) The huge song and dance that Iran makes at just how great its armed forces are whilst publicly aimed at Israel is actually aimed at at its Sunni Islam neighbours to the West.  The missile shown is the Qiam 1, it has a range of...750 Km. It hasn't the legs to get to Israel., but it can hit any Sunni muslim country in the region.

Kind of explains why the Gulf states spend so much money on the latest military equipment and why Iran knocks out so many videos about how powerful its armed forces are. Last month they aired this video of their underground Missile capability which while looking impressive, is actually very rudimentary and open to attack to anybody with a modern military:

That lack of modern military weapons, may explain why Iran is currently buying as much modern weaponry as it can,

Iran to buy more Russian weapons