Tuesday, April 26, 2016

4 Pakistani Muslims jailed for assault in Bradford

(UK) 4 Pakistani thugs have been jailed in the city of Bradford over how they all set upon 1 man.
It all started when the ring leader Hussain Khan saw Safeer Ahmed  and  within minutes started laying into Mr Ahmed, simply because Pakistani men love violence. However Hussain Khan is no hero and within seconds 3 of his blood relatives (they all share the same DNA, including an extra chromosome, which is explained by how Hussain's dad is also his brother and his sister too) joined in to put Mr Ahmed into hospital, people who tried to stop them, were also attacked. Unfortunately for the Khan girls, this is the UK and not the far east, so they found themselves arrested and a day with the judge.

Waqqas Khan,Ajib Khan, Hussain Khan and Bilal Ahmed Khan

Well, today in court the Khan clan found out that the days of Muslims in the UK singing Khan't touch this, is no longer extant and for the next few years they will be bending over in the showers in which to pick up the dropped soap. For trying to regain their honour these village idiots received the following sentencing:
Hussain Khan: 8 years
Bilal Ahmed Khan, Waqqas Khan and Ajib Khan all received 3 years each.