Monday, April 18, 2016

Israel finds and destroys Hamas Tunnel

(Gaza)  Israel today revealed that they have uncovered a attack tunnel,dug by Hamas in which to allow terrorists to sneak into the country and murder as many innocent people as possible. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke on Monday with a warning   that Israel would respond with force to any attempt by Hamas to harm Israeli civilians.

"Israel will respond with force to any attempt by Hamas to attack its soldiers and attack its civilians. I am certain that Hamas understands that well."

The tunnel – about 30-40 metres deep, was lined with concrete equipped with communication lines, air supply and rails for further excavation – was uncovered last week although its existence was confirmed only on Monday.The tunnel entered Israel in an area some distance from Israeli military bases and civilian homes and appears to have been dug since the last set to between Hamas and Israel.  However as the two are supposed to be observing a ceasefire, it does ask the question about how committed Hamas is to peace.

I notice that all these so called human rights orgs which openly berate Israel for not allowing in enough building materials into Gaza in which to rebuild the mini state after it lost a war of its own making , are remaining very silent on how materials which should be used to build homes are being used to build tunnels for war. Tunnels i should add the civilian population are denied to use