Monday, April 18, 2016

Iran:7,000 undercover agents begin work in Capital tasked with informing police of Bad Hijab

(Tehran) The Mad mullahs have decided that building up the countries military in which to combat the rest of the world (other than North Korea, Russia and Syria that is) isn't enough in which to remain pious and so they have decided to open a new war front at home against women who don't cover up their hair as they are supposed to do. Yup, it appears that so concerned are the Mullahs, that they have employed 7000 spies in the capital alone in which to inform the morality police of any woman who dares not cover up as demanded by the pious Mullahs. It seems that Iranian Mullahs prefer this:

to this:
Currently inside Iran there is a hidden movement  which posts pictures of woman with their hair uncovered (At the risk of imprisonment), as a basic human right which should be respected. meanwhile in the West, Islamic women who have more freedoms than any woman in any Islamic country demand the right to cover up.