Monday, April 25, 2016

Modern multicultural Britain, where water for the London Marathon is stolen in broad-daylight

(UK) Deptford, situated in South London, is a very ethnically diverse constituency, with ethnic minorities making up 43% of the population. (The UK average, by contrast, is only 8%.) 30% of the population in the constituency is black, other significant ethnic minorities in the constituency are mixed race (22.4%), Asian and Asian British (16.8%). Lewisham Deptford is also home to a substantial number of Chinese and Vietnamese people. Exactly that type of multicultural Utopia the do-gooders of the world demand is the only way to go.

Yesterday saw the London Marathon being run, and it was routed through Deptford, were a water station was set up for the 40,000+ runners who took part. Problem is, it appears that certain aspects of Multicultural London simply can't allow bottles of water (in a country where water is cheap and clean to drink straight from the tap) to be handed to people running 26 miles. So, presuming that they still resided in their homelands, they simply took what they could steal. Hey, don't believe me, watch the video.

As this happened on the streets of multicultural and politically correct London, the bBC have as per usual decided not to mention this. Meanwhile, the so called political elite are voting today in Parliament that the UK takes in even more immigrants from inside Europe, in which to do our fair share. It appears that the last lot subscribe to that adage of "fair share" as well.