Monday, April 18, 2016

UK: violent illegal immigrant jailed for breaking leg of 5 year old

(Bradford) Brave 39 year Shipon Ahmed sneaked into the Uk hoping for a better life. I don’t know what excuse he used, but for somebody living here illegally, you’d think he would have kept a very low profile.

Nah, it seems that buoyed by the human rights laws in the Uk, where crooks, criminals , terrorists and paedophiles are afforded more rights than their victims. Mr Ahmed decided to go out on a violent streak. (Sanctioned no less by his subscription to a very peaceful faith I bet).
Islamic thug Ahmed
So what did Ahmed do, well for a start he broke the femur of a 5 year old child, which he tried to pass off as the result of tripping up over a toy. A paediatric doctor said during the first trial that the boy had been swung by his leg, kicked or stamped on. The judge said the strongest bone in his body had been "cracked and separated, displaced and shattered."

Not only that but it appears that 16 days before his trial, Ahmed had glassed a man in the face in a night club in a fit of jealousy.  But what makes this story even worse is that Illegal immigrant Ahmed had previous convictions for benefit fraud, harassment, and battery on a former partner. So why wasn’t he deported the first time.

Well it seems that even in the UK, enough is enough and Ahmed has been jailed for 15 years (read that as 7) with a request he be deported at the end of it. The problem is, he will tie up the courts with a request for political asylum and some ethical latte drinker will grant his wish, due to Ahmeds human right to live in the country.