Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Citizenship process for Intolerant Muslims halted in Switzerland

(Switzerland)  The one thing I cannot understand is how Islamic migrants who relocate away from their homelands due to poverty,religious oppression or war (usually due to Islam)  recreate the very conditions they ran away from in their new homelands. We've seen sharia patrols targeting Gays,women and drinkers on the streets of Europe where people have been berated for not respecting the views of Islam. We have over Female Genital Mutilation (over 100,000 victims in the Uk alone), Honour killings, racism, anti-Semitism, rape.  All the attributes which define Islamic lands, have been recreated in the West.  Which is why an Islamic family in Switzerland insisted that their two young boys do not shake hands with female teachers as it is against their faith. The school authorities not only allowed them to do so, but insisted that they refused to shake the hands of male teachers also so that the school didn't run foul of any gender based edict . Well the crap hit the fan when everybody else in the coutnry found out. The Islamic family rather than admitting they were in the wrong stood by their bigoted wards , even when jihad junior revealed that he only got the idea when he looked it up on the net.  Well authorities have put their feet down and halted the citizenship process for the entire. family.  If the Swiss had any balls they would deport these racist bigots back to their Islamic homeland, no questions asked. That way they would send the message that in Europe everybody is equal, but alas, they won't and Muslims will continue to spread their message of hate defended by the human rights brigade.