Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Intolerance crowd offended by French Magazine 'Charlie Hebdo' saying : Ordinary Muslims contributed to a climate in which the Brussels bombings took place.

(Paris)  It appears that those people who find fault in anything and everything, have found their cause of the week. 'Charlie Hebdo' the French satirical magazine which was thescene of a murderous Islamic gun attack in January 2015 has been lambasted by the ethical latte brigade for suggesting in an editorial  How Did We End Up Here?, Published eight days after attacks at Brussels’ airport and metro system killed more than 30 people. It said a fear of being seen as Islamophobic had inhibited the public from questioning or objecting to facets of Islam. The editorial began by listing several mooted explanations for the Brussels attacks, including police incompetence, youth unemployment, immigration and growing Islamism. But, it went on: “In reality, the attacks … are the last phase of a process of cowing and silencing long in motion and on the widest possible scale.” It singled out the recent appearance at Sciences Po, the elite Paris Institute of Political Studies, of the Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan. “His task, under cover of debate, is to dissuade people from criticising his religion in any way. The political science students who listened to him last week will, once they have become journalists or local officials, not even dare to neither write nor say anything negative about Islam.”

Of course faster than you can say “Is the Pope a Catholic?” Faux outrage has raised its head. Idiots who continue to try and spread the message that ‘Islam is a religion of Peace’ have tried to compare the situation in Europe with what happened to the Jews during the 1930. (The last I looked Jews weren't going around attacking airports, bus stations and murdering people in their hundreds (Europe that is) over a cartoon or even against fascists)

The thing is, when was the last time you saw a huge Islamic march down the middle of any city in the Western world where they protested against the idiots in their midst?  Hundreds of protests against the US,UK or Israel, protests against banning the hijab, arresting a terrorist , or even a cartoon. But any protests against FGM, honour killing or these murderous gun attacks .NO. That tells me all I need to know about peaceful Islam and how, until they do start openly condemning the religious bigotry written into the DNA of Islam , then the vast majority of Muslims are complicit in the ugliness that Islam has brought to Europe. But what is worse and which the article points out, is how any form of discussion of Islam is silenced as been...Islamophobic.