Tuesday, April 19, 2016

After Tunnel find, Hamas release Pallywood video

(Gaza) After the find by the IDF of a tunnel being dug into Israel, Hamas downplayed it as an old tunnel and just a propaganda exercise by Israel in which to glean more money from the US. Well it appears that Hamas wasn't happy at all and today released a partly finished 'Pallywood' blockbuster in which to hopefully galvanise the faithful (Including British Labour Labour party leader Jeremy Bernard Corbyn) to continue to support the jihad against the Jew. The film clip shows a hooded idiot signing an order for a missile strike against Israel using a Truck instead of a school as the launch platform. The film ends with the terrorists running hell for leather as they practice getting out of the way before the IDF take it out. The film clip ends with a picture of a fat bastard, who no doubt got so large on squireling away lots of aid money.