Friday, April 1, 2016

Germany: Afghan refugee murders teacher

(Celle|) A 58 year old Afghan refugee who arrived in Germany with his wife and 6 children, murdered a 52 year old teacher who was helping immigrants integrate, because he claimed that the 52 year old teacher wanted to marry his daughter.

The victim of the crime was of Iranian origin and had met the Afghani family in a nearby migrant camp where he had volunteered his time to help people he thought were in desperate need. Coming from a migrant background he likely felt a kinship with those fleeing from their countries. He also worked as an interpreter  and befriended many migrants at the camp. He even let many migrants stay at his house while they were looking for accommodation outside the migrant camp.

The prosecution maintains that so far there is no evidence beyond the word of the accused, that the 55-year-old teacher had any interest in his daughter sexual or otherwise. The teacher worked at a nearby high school in Celle and was said to be very popular among the students. The school held a large memorial service on school grounds that was well attended. The teacher’s body was flown to Iran where he was buried in Tehran in early March. It was his wish to be buried in the presence of his family and friends.