Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mass Murderer (Anders Breivik) wins court case regards his human rights in prison.

(Oslo) in 2011 right wing bigot Anders Breivak went on a bomb and gun shooting ramage in Norway, he murdered 77 people in cold blood and injured another 319. For his crime he was sentenced to 21 years inside prison. 

Jailed terrorist Anders Berivak
Inside Prison, Breivak has been held apart from the rest of the prison population and his contacts with the outside world strictly controlled, however in order to make his life as comfortable as possible He has access to three cells -- one for living, one for studying, and a third for physical exercise -- as well as a television, a computer without Internet access and a game console. He is able to prepare his own food and do his own laundry. in light of his crime and the risk to his life from other inmates the above can be fully understood, however it seems not to Breivak who took Norway to court over his inhumane treatment inside prison and not apparently to the court which sat on this case and said his rights have been abused.

Human rights are a must, but lets be honest some people play that card for the most frivolous of reasons , which demeans human rights as a whole and in the end we all end up paying for pricks like Breivak