Friday, April 22, 2016

Is radical imam lying when he says he voted... Conservative?

The UK media is currently promoting the view that the radical Islamic bigot Suliman Gani whom the PM linked , as being in bed with the Labour candidate for London is actually a conservative who voted for the Tories last may in the General election:

The thing is there is no way to quantify what Gani states as how he voted in the UK , as no records are kept on how people vote. However a quick check of his Twitter site reveals a Pro Labour stance before, during and after the General Election than one for the Tories.

For somebody who claims to have voted conservative at the GE, Gani sure has a strange way of displaying his so called loyalty. In fact while he waxes lyrical about Corbyn as leader he doesn't mention the Tory win, why? A poll after the election found Muslims were almost 3 to 1 more likely to vote Labour
The Ethnic Minority Vote UK General Election 2015

I'm not saying that Gani didn't vote Conservative , he may have, its just that in all his Tweets he never mentions the Tories during the Election period once, but he does Labour. Now he claims he voted against Labour due to its stance on Gay marriage . But it was the Tories and Not Labour which pushed for same sex equality, in fact Mr Gani led a protest against the Tories on this very issue in 2013:

Leaders representing tens of thousands of worshippers at mosques across the country, have signed a joint letter to The Sunday Telegraph accusing the Government of attacking “the cornerstone of family life” In the letter – published as MPs prepare for their final Commons debate on the Government’s same-sex marriage bill – they quote the Koran and say they are fulfilling a “sacred trust to God” by airing their views.
Imam Suliman Gani, of Tooting Mosque in south London, who led efforts to gather the signatures, said:
“The Muslim community will take this issue very, very seriously because now the Government has interfered with family. To us that is like taking children away from their mother: it will definitely have an effect on Mr Cameron’s vote.We cannot understand how it was possible that this was introduced so fast – but we cannot give up. We celebrate diversity, we want to have a peaceful coexistence with all people but our main concern in the mosques is the way the Government is changing the definition of marriage and what impact that will have on the children.”

The letter has been signed by 505 imams and mosque chairmen from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leicester, Luton, Preston, Blackburn, Burnley, Dewsbury, Newcastle, Bradford, Huddersfield and Nottingham among other cities.

Anybody else think Mr Gani is lying out of his back teeth and as usual, the liberal media is more than happy to bend over and swallow what a pious Islamist Imam has to say.