Wednesday, April 20, 2016

UK:National Union of Students elects ISIS defender as their new Leader.

(England) My previous article was about the naivety of French students regards Islam, well across the water in the Uk, replace 'Naivety' for  plain and simple stupidity. This week the National Union of Students (NUS) are holding their annual AGM in Brighton and  the first thing they did was elect a new president, say hello to Malia Bouattia, the first black Muslim to hold the post. 

Mizz Bouattia came to prominence in 2014, when as black students’ officer she stopped a motion condemning ISIS as it was…Islamophobic. The fact that ISIS has murdered more Muslims than anybody else these past few years is besides the point, to this stupid cow, Islam must be defended from white people at all costs, which kind of explains her hatred of the Jew. (Taken from a blog post of her's in 2011)
The University of Birmingham is something of a Zionist outpost in British Higher Education. It also has the largest JSoc in the country whose leadership is dominated by Zionist activists. Just a month ago the ominous EUMC definition of anti-Semitism was adopted as legislation by the student union and the university’s Friends of Palestine society narrowly avoided severe sanctions after one of our guest speakers made a comparison between Israel and the Nazis

Rather than ramble on about this oxygen thief, here is a short video of this racist female hound in action. The blog 'Harry Place' have gone into much greater detail into this Algerian Bigot