Wednesday, April 13, 2016

France: PM calls for Islamic Head-scarves to be banned from Universities

(Paris) The French PM (Manuel Vallis) is sure to have offended the peaceful followers of Islam with his suggestion that the Islamic penchant for covering up the female head, should be banned from French universities. this he capped off with by saying:

That a majority of French people think Islam is incompatible with the values of the Republic.
In a interview with the newspaper Libération, he was asked whether headscarves should be banned by law from universities and replied: “It should be done,” however he did conced that the constitution made it difficult. But other Socialist ministers immediately contradicted him. “There is no need for a law on the headscarf at university,” said Thierry Mandon, the higher education minister. He said students were adults, and as such they “have every right to wear a headscarf. The headscarf is not banned in French society.”
Expect a somewhat peaceful demonstration against this by a number of gun totting peaceful followers of Islam in France soon.