Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Anti-Tank missile attack by ISIS on a Turkish tank.

(Iraq) A video has been released of what purports to be a Russian made Kornet anti-tank missile in use by ISIS against a Turkish tank (I think an M60 upgraded to M60T Sabra status)

The scene of the attack is said to be Mount Bashiqah outside Mosul, Iraq, where since December 2015 Turkey has deployed an armoured battalion northeast of Mosul, ostensibly as part of a training mission for Kurdish Peshmerga.

As mentioned the missile depicted is a Russian made Kornet ATGM a very effective tank killer, which I can only presume was liberated from a Syrian army arms depot. (Iran has reversed engineered the Kornet calling their version the Dehaviyeh)

The tank looks like an M60 upgraded by the Israelis to M60T (Sabra) status. The IDF on finding that the Arabs had adopted the Anti-Tank guided missile as the weapon of choice started upgrading their armour in which to protect them from this threat, this they accomplished by vastly improving the standard M60 they used. Turkey another M60 user, was so impressed it asked Israel to upgrade 170 of its own M60 tanks.

The Turks took the fight back to ISIS after their Allah Ackba tank attack killing 10 hiding out in a building and another 22 as they tried to run away.

The Turks have released pictures of the hit tank stating that the Israeli made Blazer reactive armour worked a treat, and prevented the Kornet from destroying the M60T