Friday, April 1, 2016

Islamic school in UK investigated for 'promoting extremism'

(England) A private Islamic school in the West Yorkshire town of Dewsbury has been found to promote extreme examples of Islam which are simply not comparable with life in the UK.

Islamic Tarbiyah Academy which teaches around 140 primary school children been accused of teaching children that British customs are ‘poisonous’ and that Jews are trying to take over the world.
An investigation by Sky News has found the school has compiled a leaflet which quotes the (fabricated) Protocols of Zion, an anti-Semitic document that claims Jews are engaged in a global conspiracy. These claim claimed films, magazines and celebrities are part of the conspiracy to ‘poison the minds’ of young Muslims. Other leaflets said all mixed-sex institutions are evil, warned Muslims not to adopt British customs, banned watching TV and told women not to work. In a section on jihad, young Islamic children are told they should be prepared to ‘expend ... even life’ to create a world organised by ‘Allah’s just order’.

Of course this is Islam I am talking about, so naturally they have come out with:

“Certain extracts from our publications have been taken and misrepresented to link the Academy with extremism. We fully believe in the importance and need of integration whilst being able to practise our faith.”
Really, here are a few examples taken from those leaflets Sky news (And not the authorities exposed)

The question the authorities in the area have to ask, is why has have the media exposed this, when the towns Islamic schools came under the spotlight only last year on the very same subject.

and where the Islamic ghetto in Saville Town (600 metres from Dewsbury town hall) openly grieved the death of one of its young boys when he carried out  a suicide attack for ISIS inside Iraq only 10 months ago.