Tuesday, April 19, 2016

British prison Imans found to be spreading Islamic Hate

(UK) For all the cries of equality in the Uk when it comes to Muslims (Jobs, wages,housing etc..) nobody seems to mention that in one field Muslims lead, that field is the percentage of people inside prison. Where the UK Islamic population comes in at around 4%, Muslims account for 14% of the prison population and having such a huge Islamic population under lock and key, has resulted in Islamists targeting prisons as the ideal place in which to recruit idiots to their cause.

Well, as the British Government is packed full of very intelligent people , they came up with the idea of using so called moderate imams to visit these poor lost children from the religion of peace in which to show them the error of their ways and hopefully get them back on the road to normality.
However it transpires that of the 100 odd Imams sanctioned to work inside prison over 70% belong to Deobandi Islamic institutions.

The Deobandi sect was founded 150 years ago in south Asia and Deobandi seminaries produce 80 per cent of UK-trained Islamic clerics. The movement takes its name from the town of Deoband in northern India, but has spread around the world thanks to the migration of Indian Muslims  The sect  promotes a conservative interpretation of Islam, It states that to befriend a non-Muslim risks pollution while those considering marrying a Christian or Jew are warned that their ‘repulsive qualities will filter into Muslim homes’.It adds that a woman’s place is in the home and urges Muslims to reject unIslamic acts such as music, singing, dancing, watching television, playing chess, reading novels watching drama and watching football.

The review commissioned by Michael Gove found extremist pamphlets and CDs in more than 10 jails last November, The material included homophobic and misogynistic sentiments and encouraged the murder of apostates - Muslims who leave or reject the religion. It is said to have concluded that many Muslim prison chaplains were under-equipped for counter-radicalisation work, "sometimes because they lacked the capability but often because they didn't have the will". The review, which started in September, also found that prisoners at more than one jail were encouraged by chaplains to fund-raise for Islamic charities that had links to terrorism. It warned lax controls and senior level failings had allowed the problems to occur. The report is a draft and has not yet been cleared for publication.

So much for peaceful Islam then?