Monday, April 18, 2016

2016 Iranian Military parade: rehashed equipment revealed. (Again)

(Tehran) Its that time of year inside the Islamic paradise that is Iran where the mad mullahs who promote their never ending message that Islam is only a religion of peace, have their annual military parade, whilst the worlds media have concentrated on the purchase,delivery and showing off , of the S300 anti-aircraft missile system., the Iranians also revealed a few other, most uninteresting bits of kit:

First off is the new all singing and dancing Taim tank, based on the M47M (Patton) tank which the US developed for...export during the 60s. 
M47 Patton Tank
Taim Tank
The only two countries which purchased these medium tanks were Iran and Pakistan, in the mad mullahs hands the M47M fared badly during their little set to with Iraq during the 80s, so they locked up their best scientists (A common occurrence inside Iran apparently)  and in 2014, the Iranians revealed to the world their latest tank ....the Sabalan aka the M47M
Sabalan tank.

According to the Iranians the Sabalan is a heavily modified version of the M47M, they replaced the 90mm gun with a 105mm one, fitted a new fire control system and a new radio. Well despite all these so called improvements, the Sabalan is no better than an up-gunned T55 , which means it is under-gunned  and vulnerable to virtually the entire gamut of anti tank weaponry out there. So instead of admitting they got it wrong, the Iranians have promoted to the world that they have a fantastic new tank, say hello to the Taim. its the Sabalan with a different turret, the same gun and some explosive armour and a new paint job.

Funny enough at the rear of the video clip a couple of North Korean Ch'┼Ćnma-ho tanks can be seen. (The NK version of the T62). Now that's something I would like to hear more about.