Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Israel: 2 IDF Soldiers jailed for burning Palestine Flag.

 (Nablus) How many times have you seen a bunch of very angry idiots burning the US,UK and of course the Israeli flag openly in public. In fact my biggest regret in life is not opening a shop which sells US,UK and Israeli flags for these idiots to burn. 

Yet when 2 Israeli soldiers did likewise, why they both received  jail terms. Now before I go on, these soldiers were wrong to do so and it didn't help their case that they first confiscated the flag and then burnt it in front of the people who carried it. But the fact remains in the West anybody can burn a US,UK and Israeli flag and get away with it. But burn a flag that the idiots who usually have no problem burning other people’s flags, follow and wow, it’s a human rights crime. Which is why the Palestinian authority on hearing about the above made a huge song and dance about it. You know that same Palestinian authority which has no problem killing jews any chance it gets. Oh look there's that 'H' word again.