Saturday, September 23, 2017

UK: 40 year old sex pest jailed for sex attack on child of 14

(Bradford) 40 year old persistent sexual offender  Qamar Zaman simply could not resist his desire when he saw a 14 year old child walking down the street. First of all he informed her that he was going to rape her, as she walked down the street, then as she walked away, he jumped out of his car, and tried to drag her back to his car, whilst demanding oral sex, she managed to escape, run home and informed the police. As the Police were transporting her to the Police station, she spotted Zaman and he was arrested. Naturally he denied all of the above, but then it came out in the wash that he had form and that in 2011 he was charged and found guilty of sexually pestering a pregnant woman.

Qamar Zaman
His defence lawyer, tried to pass off Zaman as a pillar of the community and provided a number of glowing references, (All of which, kind of omitted his earlier offence) that Zaman had now lost his job as a takeaway delivery driver. That he was the father of two very young children ,that  he suffered from depression and diabetes. And that he cared for his elderly mother who had dementia. He finished off with how Zaman's poor English and health problems would make prison a particularly isolating place for him....My heart bleeds.

Sentencing him the judge Recorder Tahir Khan QC said:
"So here you are, back before the crown court for another sexual assault on a female, this time a 14-year-old girl. You have not accepted any wrongdoing or shown any regret or remorse for what you did."
And proceeded to send him down for 3 years.