Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pakistan: Young couple who eloped, tied to bed and electrocuted by village council.

(Karachi) A young couple met, fell in love and decided to marry without informing their families.  They in turn turned to the Pashtun council of elders, or Jirga for advice. Unfortunately for the teenagers the council claimed that they had brought dishonour on the community and issued a death sentence on them. So as this is Pakistan, both families acting in unison, captured the couple, and after tying them to a bed, electrocuted them to death (The girl first, followed by the boy the next day) then the couple were buried in a hidden grave, until somebody reported it to the police.

The bodies are set to be exhumed and the police have arrested the two fathers and two uncles (who have admitted to the crime) and are now pursuing some 30 members of the jirga who funny enough have gone into hiding.