Monday, September 25, 2017

UK: Mosque Tutor jailed for abusing little girls

(Oldham) 48 Pakistani Liaqat Mahmood came to the Uk  during the 1990s. As after peddling himself off as a respected tutor in the Koran, parents flocked to him in which to teach their children in the ways of the Islamic faith. The thing is Mahmmod really subscribed to what is written inside the Koran, especially the part about where the founder of the Islamic faith, fell in love with and married a 6 year old girl.

He started taking classes of up to 20 children, and he ‘began to show an unhealthy interest in two of his young pupils’ both girls and under the age of ten. One of his victims said she did not report the abuse at the time because Mahmood was a respected member of the community as well as a friend of her father’s, and she feared that no one would believe her. She said it has had devastating long-term effects on her, making it difficult for her to trust people, and has also caused her to struggle with her faith as the background to the abuse was being taught the Quran.

Liaqat Mahmood
For his Allah ordained love for little girls, Mahmood was sent down for five-and-a-half years in prison. As I have mentioned before, in the Uk, unless authorised criminals only carry out half their sentence  and with time already served, this prick will be out and about next year.