Friday, September 8, 2017

UK: Muslim prisoner numbers jump 50% in just 10 years -But liberals don't knows why

(London) The UK Muslim prison population has leapt 50 per cent in the past decade. But according to Labour MP David Lammy a lack of data means the jump in Muslim prisoners behind bars to 13,200 is unexplained. Muslims now account for 15 per cent of all prisoners but five percent of the British population. Lammy said more data was needed to understand why the rise had occurred. Stating:

‘The lack of transparency undermines accountability,’
He added that that courts do not record defendants’ religion and said this practice meant it made it impossible to understand why the Muslim population behind bars had surged. The thing is, that figure is replicatedacross Europe, Mr Lammy , so it isn’t just a British problem. I on the other hand as an ex Muslim don’t need to find any excuse to know why Muslims flock to crime as the founder of Islam himself was a warlord who rose to power on the backs of crooks.