Thursday, September 28, 2017

Libya: US carries out second air-strike on ISIS in 5 days

(Sirte)  Keeping up the pressure on ISIS within Libya, the USAF on Tuesday carried out a follow up air-strike on the one they carried out last Friday, in the same area. At this moment in time US Africa Command (AFRICOM) is reporting 6 ISIS terrorists killed.
In Libya , ISIS  had its largest presence in Sirte which they took control of in early 2015. However, the locals didn’t take kindly to their austere form of Islam and rebelled during August 2015, the rebellion was put down, but ISIS lost a lot of fighters doing so. Those losses grew when in December 2016 ISIS was kicked out of the city of Sirte by Libyan Forces after 7 months of fighting. The remnants of those ISIS terrorists relocated into the desert  (Approximately 150 miles south east of Sirte) Thinking that nobody could see them until the US hit them in January 2017 killing over 80, the strike last Friday took care of another 14 and on Tuesday we are told another 7 ISIS thugs have joined them.