Saturday, September 9, 2017

UK: 4 Afgans jailed for mass rape.

(Ramsgate) Last September 4 Afghans must have thought all their Ramadans had come in when they came across a young 16 year old trying to get home to Canterbury (18 miles) after a night out with friends coming across as good Samaritans, they took her to a flat and gang raped her. 

Like all good Muslims these wankers lied out of their arses in which to try and get away. In fact one of these pious Muslims did a runner to Italy in which to escape the arm of the law 37 year old Tamin Rahmani, 37, 20 year old Shershah Muslimyar, 24 year old  Rafiullah Hamidy and 18 year old Hamid Mohamadi, , were found guilty of three counts of rape.

(L-R) Shershah Muslimyar, Rafiullah Hamidy and Tamin Rahmani were jailed for 14 years each
Sentencing, Judge Heather Norton said the girl had been trying to make her way on foot back to a friend's house having missed the last train home, and was "young, drunk, disorientated and vulnerable". She said the girl thought the four were going to help her, but instead they "took her up to a bedroom, pushed her on to a mattress and repeatedly raped her" over a sustained period. Which is why she handed out 14 year prison sentences to the 3 older Islamic rapists and a 7 year one to the 18 year old.

And the liberals keep trying to tell me, Islam has nothing to do with rape.