Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pakistan: Mullahs declare Musical Instruments are Haram (forbidden )

(Khyber Agency) In tribal area in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas region of Pakistan known as the Khybr Agency.

The mad mullahs after Friday prayers decided to preach to the faithful that making or playing music is a sin. So taking a leaf out of the Science fiction story Fahrenheit 451 where books are banned and burnt , the faithful were encouraged (But not by the blowing of a trumpet) to go forth in which to find sinners, divest them of anything that can play a tune and set fire to them
“We have burned down 10 items of music … We will not tolerate such activities in (our) area … If any musical event is staged in the area, we will confiscate items. The guilty ones will also face social ostracisation from local community in Jamrud tehsil,”
Over the past few months, students and followers of these tuneless bigots had been raiding musical events in the area. They actively sabotaged stages and confiscated musical instruments, besides regularly beating up singers and other local performers.  At least when the British ruled the area, they knew how to treat these wankers: