Saturday, September 23, 2017

Syria: Israel strikes Hezb-allah arms dump

(Damascus)  The Arab media is reporting  that a warehouse belonging to Lebanese militant group Hizballah, was taken out by an Israeli air-strike on Friday evening situated next to Damascus International Airport.

Whilst Israel routinely strikes arm deports belonging to Hezb-allah in which to deny them relocating Iranian weapons to Lebanon.
This strike may be linked to how 5 days ago a Iranian UAV  which had taken off from the Damascus area was shot down by the IDF in the demilitarised zone near the Syrian border village of Quneitra.

Hezb-allah currently operates a number of Iranian supplied UAVs and has gained a lot of experience in their use whilst operating in the Syrian civil war.  Unfortunately for them, the only experiance they are going to garner against Israel with their use, is how to pick up their pieces after they have been shot down.