Saturday, September 23, 2017

UK: Mosque leader found guilty of promoting Jihad in the name of ISIS

(Stoke on Trent) 40 year old Mullah Kamran Hussain has been found guilty of supporting ISIS and of encouraging terrorism .

Kamran Hussain 
During his trial at the Old Bailey, it was heard that Hussain’s Friday lunchtime speeches at a charity-funded mosque took a turn for the negative when he started promoting Jihad in support of ISIS. Undercover law enforcement officer recorded how he:
  • Told his audience that martyrdom was the supreme success and was greater than any other success, such as school or college."
  • Gave a sermon about "kuffar" or non-Muslims.
  • Blamed the British Government for creating the English Defence League and funding them to "insult" Muslims and put them down.
  • Claimed far right group Britain First was a "Government-backed project
  • Referred to ISIS  as "a small fledgling state which  is standing in the face of a pompous and arrogant army".
  • Spoke in favour of engaging in jihad to "take over a land" and "stand the black flag".
  • Stated that neither the "Queen or prime minister" could stand in the way of the law of Allah.
The Crown Prosecution Service closed off with:
"Kamran Hussain was in a position of trust and authority which he abused by encouraging support for Daesh and glorifying violent extremism. His audience included children, some as young as 10, who would have heard him say killing others or being killed themselves was more desirable than doing well in school.”
In his defence ISIS features argued the ability to discuss "difficult concepts in a challenging world" was an essential part of religion and claimed he was exercising his right to freedom of speech.
Unfortunately for Hussain, he was found guilty by a jury of his peers. He will be sentenced later.