Friday, September 29, 2017

Afghanistan: Suicide bomber targets people leaving Shiite mosque

(Kabul) Its Friday, the Islamic holy day and some stupid twat decided to target people leaving a mosque in the Qual-e-Fathullah area of Kabul this morning by uttering those immortal words “Allah Ackba” and blowing himself up. In this case the murdering twat had disguised himself as a shepherd and the victims were Shia Muslims leaving a mosque on the last Friday before Ashura, which  is seen as  a day of remembrance for  the death of the grandson of Muhammad. Husayn ibn Ali , and Shi’a Muslims passionately commemorate his death. That passion involves flagellation .

Anyway, back to the modern day and the death toll from that suicide bomb attack has resulted in 5 deaths and around another 6 people injured.