Thursday, September 21, 2017

UK: Pro Hamas/Hezb-allah supporter and leader of the British Labour party

(London) The leader of the British Opposition Jeremy Corbyn,(JC)  has wished a happy RoshHashanah to British Jews:

The thing is, JC as a friend of Hamas/Hezballah and the rest of the 'Allah ackba' crowd isn't known for being on friendly terms with Jews.

Why when allegations surfaced of Anti-Semitism within the Socialist Labour Party and he was forced to act on them, he brought in a so called Human rights expert in which to do just that and after she found that there was no anti-Semitism at all within the Socialist Labour party she was rewarded with a peerage into the house of Lords.  Naturally as soon as she received her thirty pieces of silver from JC, he then went all out and compared Israel to ISIS.

As you can guess JCs best wishes hasn't gone down well with a lot of people: