Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Czech Republic: Somali girl fails in bid to sue for the right to wear Hijab.

(Prague)  Somali Asylum seeker Ayan Yamaal Ahmednuur wasn’t happy when she was banned from wearing the hijab  at Nurse training college. So much so, she withdrew herself from the school because the ban prevented her from wearing hijab even during theory lessons, though originally she agreed with the school on taking her hijab off during the practical exercises of student nurses only. She said the school didn’t even allow her to cover her neck during the lessons. She then found a lawyer in which to demand that a Prague secondary medical school apologise to her and provide financial compensation of 60,000 crowns (£5.5K/$7.3k).

Well today Prague’s Municipal Courton rejected her appeal (against an earlier ruling from a lower court) stating:
“that the school, which prepares students for a career in medicine, had to remain a “neutral environment”.,"
Miss Ahmednuur who didn’t attend the court case said she would be considering taking further legal steps.