Saturday, September 30, 2017

UK: Abbas jailed in the UK for Kidnapping a woman at gunpoint.

(London)  Police on patrol in London stopped a Mercedes car when it came up on their computer as having no insurance. Driving was 24 year old Shafak Abbas who admitted he was not insured for his vehicle but police grew suspicious about his behaviour and decided to search the car. Straight away in the footwell they found a realistic looking BB gun and that is when Abbas knew he was nicked and admitted to the fact he had a woman in the boot.  On opening the boot, Police found a very distressed 26 year old woman who had been kidnapped at gunpoint by Mr..Oh my day just got so much worse-Abbas.  Police arrested him on the spot and yesterday in court he was charged kidnap, driving whilst disqualified, no insurance and possession of a firearm. But get this, he denied having anything to do with kidnap. The court was having none of this and he was sent down for 15 months jails, which means he’ll be back on the streets this time next year.