Sunday, September 17, 2017

Israel: Orthodox Jews clash with police in Jerusalem over military draft

(Jerusalem)  I can never get my head around Orthodox jews inside Israel, the vast majority of whom are happy to live it large at the expense of others. Yup the so called pious wankers of the Jewish faith who openly attacked soldiers who mobilised during Yom Kippur in 1973  have until recently had a cop out from getting called up to defend their own country. Well that changed last week when Israel’s Supreme Court nullified the law that exemptedultra-Orthodox Jews from being conscripted into the armed forces, sparking a massive outcry from the community and boy these free-loaders don't like it. Which is why, whilst other Israeli citizens (jews and Non-Jews)  are currently patrolling the borders of Israel in which to keep them safe, the Orthodox community decided to march in the thousands in which to protest at having to get called up to defend their country, their families and their friends from those who are more than happy to utter 'Allah ackba' for the very last time against the jew and I'm not even Jewish saying this.

Why do their protests remind me of the Judean Peoples front crack suicide squad