Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Korea: Air Force demonstrates Taurus cruise missile

(Seoul)  Whilst the liberal world looks upon the US (under Trump) as the belligerent one regards North Korea's nuclear testing . The South Korean Military has been quietly training for any future conflict with its northern neighbour.   Yesterday was the South Korean air-forces turn and they demonstrated their ability to surgically strike their enemy using the German/Swedish made Taurus KEPD 350. A long-range, high precision stand-off guided missile system able to penetrate through dense air defence systems and destroy hardened and deeply buried military targets . Designed with stealth characteristics a  range in excess of 500 kilometres, and a 1000Kg warhead, the Taurus has the ability to strike anywhere in North Korea and take it out.

The following video shows just how accurate it is. Whilst everybody talks about the US militarys ability to strike NK, they tend to forget that the South Koreans will be an equal partner in any hostilities and with weapons such as the Taurus, North Korea would quickly find that they have bitten off more than they can chew.