Monday, September 11, 2017

The rank hypocrisy of Muslims

I've just come across this tweet by a senior producer with Al Jazeera Media Network, and quite a few people have retweeted it in which to express the loss of Islamic Spain to Christianity:
The video clip is somewhat disingenuous in that it promotes the view that Islam was welcomed into Spain, that they were usurped by Christianity and that under Christian rule they lived in terror. And yet, not only was Islam a foreign occupier, they ruled harshly for all non-Muslims. (Christian Spain was invaded by Islam and occupied for over 800 years until the Spanish kicked them out.)  But the part I like best was the person who retweeted the above has just tweeted this:

I did reply back to her asking what's the difference between the two, but it seems I've now been blocked. That, people, is the rank hypocrisy of Islam and how they lie when they present this image of a peaceful Islam.