Friday, September 29, 2017

Malaysia: Another Muslim only launderette found

(Kangar) On Sunday I mentioned how a pious Islamic Laundrette owner had banned all non-Muslims from using his establishment.  Unfortunately for him, he has been forced to remove that ban or else he would find himself sharing his abolitions inside prison with Non-Muslims.   As that story caught the eye of the media, they started a search of the country and what do you know, they've only found another laundry doing likewise:

They called the number listed at the shop and it was answered by a man claiming to be the owner. He said he opened the laundry to serve only Muslims. When asked why, the man said it was done for the "comfort" of the Muslim customers. He urged non-Muslims to use other launderettes and stressed the matter should not be turned into a controversy.

The green sign inside the launderette in Kangar, Perlis, states that its service is for Muslims only. 
As the Sultan of Johor and the government sent out a message that such segregation must not happen in Malaysia, I expect the owner of the Express Laundry in Kanger to have a change of heart very soon.