Friday, September 22, 2017

Austria: 18 year old Afghan murdered his 14 year old sister as she wanted to leave.

(Vienna)  A 18 year old Afghan is currently in court on charges of murdering his 14 year old sister. He claims she had argued with their liberal parents saying she had, enough of school and wanted to leave and that her murder was a huge misunderstanding after she had pushed him . However her school disagrees stating she felt restricted at home and wanted to leave as her parents wanted her to travel to Pakistan and marry a man of their choosing. She had actually moved into a halfaway house, a chance meeting between siblings led to him demanding she return home, assaulting her and then stabbing her 13 ties  however that so called chance meeting has now been questioned as it has been revealed that the murder weapon had been bought and buried in the park a fortnight before the girls murder.