Thursday, September 14, 2017

Venezuela: President Maduro's answer to the country's food problem: Breed rabbits

(Caracas) Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has come up with a cunning plan in which to address the food shortages that is plaguing the oil rich country - rabbits:

Speaking on national TV, President Maduro related the following:
"For animal protein, which is such an important issue, a 'rabbit plan' has been approved because rabbits also breed like rabbits."
That plan consisted of handing out rabbits to people in which to breed and consume. Problem is, the trial program in 15 communities saw people dress up rabbits with ribbons and such and treat them as pets rather than something to put in the pot. Which led to Maduro admitting that the “rabbit plan "had not got off to a good start" and the minister of urban agriculture, Freddy Bernal, saying there had been a "cultural problem".

Funny enough, when Australia did the same in 1788, it resulted in a huge ecological problem, with them being the most significant known factor in species loss in Australia, which is still extant to this day.